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Frequently Asked Questions

Below Broadway broadcasts the best of covers, cabaret and underground performances from all your favourite Broadway stars. You’re sure to hear your favourite tune and a hidden gem now and again!

We scour the internet to find the best covers from all our favourite stars, and feature performances from various cabaret houses and venues. If it’s out there, we’ll find it!

Join your weekly host Maher, along with special guests every now and then! Dylan is kinda the regular co-host and we’re still sorting out who else is joining the fun!

Absolutely! We’re currently looking to schedule some guests from the theatre industry as well as fans from across the world. 

Yes! We love to hear from our listeners so use the form at the top of this page to get in touch. Somebody will actually respond!

If you listen to the show, you already support the show! If you’d like to make a financial contribution or support us in other ways, please get in touch directly or check out our sponsors.

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